1. Kiosk in your location
  2. Tracking link for digital marketing or email lists
  3. QR Codes for print materials. Poster, Flyers, Table Tents, etc.
  4. New customer sign up cards that can be given to anyone, anytime, anywhere!
Sign Up


  • Place the Kiosk in your location and focus on using it as a customer acquisition tool.
  • Create daily specials giving a discount or perk to create their player account at your location.
  • Have contest to see which employee can achieve the most new customers sign ups
  • Email your lists and existing customer databases. Or simply provide us with your list and we’ll market to them on your behalf.
  • Print flyers, posters, table tents to drive customer awareness
  • Hand out new customer sign up cards
  • Drive customers anyway you can. Focus 100% on customer sign ups. That’s it
  • You do not handle money!
  • Totally hands off
  • Auto pilot revenue stream